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Cambridge English Seminar for English Teachers


Il giorno 24 Marzo 2015, dalle ore 15 alle ore 17.30 presso gli IIS Aldini Valeriani Sirani, in Sala Riunioni I piano, si svolgerÓ il suddetto Seminario cui sono invitati i Docenti di Lingua Inglese delle scuole di Bologna e provincia.
La registrazione, gratuita, deve essere fatta al seguente link:



Welcome speech by Mr Salvatore Grillo, Headmaster IIS Aldini Valeriani Sirani

Thinking: The Invisible Skill
This workshop will focus on strategies and clear, practical examples on how to develop Higher Order Thinking skills within the English lesson as a way to improve student proficiency. With reference to recent studies and engaging activities, this workshop will take participants into a world where thinking becomes the foundation to developing the whole learner!

Speak Say Talk Tell: strategies and tasks for developing resourceful speakers in the B1 and B2 classroom
This presentation will focus on developing effective speaking strategies in learners indifferent discourse contexts. With reference to the Cambridge Common Scale of Speaking we will touch upon themes such as active listening, turn-taking, developing discourse, patterns and interaction and spoken register and look at practical classroom tasks and speaking activities that help develop different forms of speaking competence in B1 and B2 learners.

There will be a short welcome and registration to open the seminars and a chance to see materials and talk to the speakers during the breaks between workshops.